From the land of DEATH.. listen to the voice of TRUTH


Speaking from the land where the sun wishes not to set, and the moon not to rise… Where a child who has Asthma might asphyxiate to death, for no electricity to power up his Nebulizer… where a child will die if his extremely exhausted mother tries to take a rest off operating her child’s hand-operated air compresser that pushes air to his lungs


Where food became a dream, and people started to use animals’ fodder for making bread.. where hope is a slogan read in books and only heard about.. where darkness overwhelmes everything that death later will suppress


The land where children stopped growing, no food during the day, and cold during the night. If people do not die of thirst and the lack of water, they will die drowning in the sewage waters that will soon flood the streets for no electricity to operate the pumpers


The land where night became a nightmare.. no food, no water, no electricity, no gas, no security, no hope. The only light that people rush to benifit from is the light of the explosions and the shells that the israeli siege forces shoot in the mid of the night, preventing people even from taking a 5 mintues sleep

What guilt have these innocent children done to deserve all this? why do jews even disallow entering food and medicine? to the ill and starving people

Ghetto ? like the nazis have allegedly done to the jews? it is even worse

Speaking from Gaza the land of DEATH, and wondering what will happen next 



Gaza’s Reality (Occupation 101 Movie Clip)



Maher, a child who will die within moments if his family stopped hand-operating his air compressor that must stay active 24 hours (minute 1:10)



Two year old in Gaza City



Israel threatens to commit Holocaust in Gaza



ما رأيك بما قلتُه؟ أسعدني برأيك !!