GAZA.. with tears


Imagine yourself in your house, where all of a sudden a missile hits the room you are in. You watch your mother bleeding through her mouth and nose… you start crying and screaming and whining… but the noise of the F16 and the sounds of bombings silence your screams… You decide to run out for help, but you see it is impossible because of the continues raids and shelling

You go back to your mother and hold her arm, not sure whether she is still alive or not… then you notice that you yourself are bleeding too, but nothing you can do. You remain next to your mother and watch your tears meet her blood on the floor, but nothing you can do, till she passes away… You stay for 4 days like that untill the Israeli soldiers decide to have a break, and only then the red cross crews reach you, where they discover you and four other children in the same neighborhood lying next to your mothers’ corpses

Many thoughts gathered in my mind since the offensive on Gaza began 27 of last december that I wanted to say. But now I feel like what meaning can words deliver next to images that causes even the unwilling eyes to shed tears? Nothing in Gaza is horrible like the tears of it’s children.. but even images are meaningless here         


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A very strong scene



To wipe out the terrorists in Gaza once and for all, Israel has waged a war using battleships, F16 jet fighters, Apache helicopters, heavy tanks and artillery, cluster and phosphoros bombs. the results are  impressive as hundreds of terrorists have been exterminated.
Here are some exclusive images.

للقضاءعلى إرهابى حماس قامت إسرائيل بشن حرب شاملة ضد قطاع غزة

وتم تسريب عدة صور للإرهابيين المستهدفين



This boy  is A very active member of the resistance troops



He is all terror


The following HAD legs that he can hide rockets in them


This.. she kept a secret the hideaways of the other terrorists



Fourth one is active member of Hams Al-Qassam  Troops


The house of some terrorists have been air-struck by an extremely accurate missile


He was preparing to launch a rocket towards Israel when it went off on him


These terrorists were hunted down by smart bombs


This has been nuetralized already. He will not be able to terrorize Israel anymore


Terrorist brothers and sisters




The last of her family



Greetings from





More children killed as war on Gaza continues – 05 Jan 08



Israel bombs Gaza cemetery



Gaza family torn apart by war – 04 Jan 09




Gazan babies born into war – 15 Jan 2009




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